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Local tour

Chi Mei Museum → Ten Drum Cultural Village Qigu Salt Mountain Hua Yuan Night Market (Includes lunch and tickets) 

Chi Mei Museum

The Chi Mei Museum was established by Mr. Wen-Long Hsu in 1992 in the Ren-De District of Tainan, Taiwan. The museum's collections are categorized into five main groups: Fine Arts, Musical Instruments, Natural History and Fossils, Weapons and Armor, and Antiques and Artefacts. It is renowned for housing the world's largest collection of violins and significant collections of ancient weapons and sculptures. In February 1996, Forbes magazine referred to the Chi Mei Museum as "one of the most surprising art collections in the world" in an article about Asian private collectors. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chimei_Museum,Wikipedia)

During the conference, the Chi Mei Museum is proudly hosting a special exhibition titled "Masterpieces from the National Gallery, London."


This historic event marks the first time in 200 years that the esteemed National Gallery, London, renowned as one of the world's greatest art galleries, is showcasing an unparalleled collection of masterpieces in Taiwan! Featuring original works by 50 masters spanning from the Renaissance maestro Raphael, the Dutch virtuoso Rembrandt, to the Post-Impressionist luminary Van Gogh, visitors will embark on a journey through 400 years of Western art history, experiencing the essence of these renowned artists' creations firsthand.

※Duration of the special exhibition: 2024.05.02 - 2024.09.01


Ten Drum Cultural Village

The Ten Drum Cultural Village spans approximately 7.5 hectares and features 22 refurbished warehouses from the Japanese colonial era, along with industrial heritage from a former sugar factory. With performances by the Ten Drum Percussion Group, it has transformed abandoned sugar factory relics into spaces for cultural creativity and non-motorized, low-carbon extreme sports. This fusion of sugar industry culture and percussion art creates a unique experience, integrating cultural arts and aesthetic living into everyday leisure. The vision for Ten Drum Cultural Village is to be a beacon of Taiwan's cultural creativity and a pioneer in Asia's percussion-themed international art villages. (https://www.klook.com/zh-TW/blog/ten-drum-tainan-taiwan/,Klook)


Qigu Salt Mountain

The Qigu Salt Mountain, located in Qigu District, Tainan City, Taiwan, is one of the most renowned attractions and among the most significant salt fields in Taiwan. Comprised of accumulated salt deposits over many years, this salt mountain presents a spectacular sight with its multi-layered formations. Under the sunlight, the salt mountain displays various hues, ranging from white to light red, leaving visitors in awe.

As one of Taiwan's important salt drying areas, the Qigu Salt Mountain covers vast expanses of land. Visitors can witness the traditional process of salt drying here and observe how workers harness the power of nature to evaporate seawater into salt. Taking a stroll here offers a sense of tranquility amidst the serene atmosphere, allowing visitors to appreciate the unique natural landscape and the results of human labor. (https://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-tw/%E4%B8%83%E8%82%A1%E9%B9%BD%E5%B1%B1, Wikipedia)

Hua Yuan Night Market

Hua Yuan Night Market is located on Section 3, Hai'an Road in the North District of Tainan City, Taiwan. Established in 2005, it is one of the largest night markets in Tainan City. This night market is renowned for its diverse range of food such as oyster omelets, sausages wrapped in glutinous rice, salt and pepper chicken, stinky tofu, steamed buns, and beef soup. The variety of stalls make it a popular spot for both tourists and locals. The market's stalls selling are not only food but also clothing, accessories, electronic products, and daily necessities. Additionally, game stalls such as balloon shooting and claw machines attract many families and young people.

Notice: When visiting Hua Yuan Night Market, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, the night market is particularly crowded on weekends and holidays, so you should pay more attention to your personal belongings and stay alert. Second, most stalls in the night market only accept cash, so it is advisable to bring enough cash.


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